Connaissez-vous les réfractomètres Fabre ?

Do you know Fabre refractometers?

In the food industry or in industry, whatever the products manufactured, frequent checks are necessary. They can intervene as soon as the fruit is picked and during the various stages of production. These controls are often measurements of concentrations or proportions of two components of a mixture.

  • Is this grape good for harvesting?
  • Are these fruits ripe?
  • Is this soda sweet enough?
  • How rich is this beet juice?
  • Is this sorbet well dosed?
  • What is the quality of this oil?
  • Is this brine at the right concentration?
  • ..

The measurement of the refractive index makes it possible to quickly answer these questions.

This index is a characteristic of all liquid, even pasty media. The principle is as follows: a light ray passes from one medium to another and changes direction.

A refraction angle, specific to the medium crossed, is thus determined.

A homogeneous mixture of two components reflects light differently depending on its composition and concentration.

The FABRE RCT and RAM hand refractometers allow the measurement of the angle of refraction.

RAM and RCT refractometers are designed to be used by all users and in any location, such as: vineyards, orchards, production units, factories. . . They come in a shoulder strap case that makes it easy to carry the device and its accessories.

The measurement is given on the graduated scale by the limit between the light zone and the dark zone, a limit generally called the "separator".

To take another measurement, simply wipe the prism with a soft cloth.

The RCT series is mainly intended for production controls. The PVC body is waterproof against temporary immersion. They are equipped with a temperature correction system which avoids the use of correction tables.

The RAM series is built in metal with glass optics, very bright and very robust.

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