About Dujardin-Salleron Laboratories

Dujardin-Salleron Laboratories

Who are we ?

Dujardin-Salleron Laboratories design, manufacture and distribute analytical devices and measuring instruments dedicated to oenology and spirits.

More than 160 years of existence...

Dujardin-Salleron instruments are recognized worldwide for their quality, reliability and precision of their measurements. Traditional manufacturing methods, backed by the work of a dynamic and innovative Research and Development team, have enabled Dujardin-Salleron Laboratories to provide reference material for more than 160 years.

What are the challenges today?

Today, international regulations and players in the now largely professionalized wine industry are becoming more demanding. More than ever, Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron must provide them with an optimal response, through a range of specialized products and services:
- Dujardin-Salleron devices – distillers, ebulliometers, titration devices, etc. – combining elegance, ergonomics and functionality;
- timeless items that have become essential – mustimeters, alcoholmeters, wine tasters, etc. They have always appealed with their reliability and longevity;
- items needed for day-to-day analyses;
- products from reputable manufacturers, in addition to our own range;
- technical services for training, calibration, maintenance, etc.

With a sales and technical department able to respond to all requests, an R&D department at the forefront of innovation, all our teams make sure to offer quality professional equipment. To meet the sometimes very specific needs of professionals, the departments concerned offer a technical and commercial response that is always appropriate, even when it is to be invented or created. The renewal of the ISO 9001:2008 certification is an additional guarantee of our commitment to quality with our partners.

Dujardin-Salleron Laboratories innovate, develop and also turn to other sectors such as: liqueurs, ciders, beers, spirits and distilled products, vinegars and mustards, kombucha, pharmacology, perfumery, and certain industries fruit and vegetable sector